Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still No Photos, But What Is To Come...

Still resolving my photo space issue.
Till then, here are the threads of my upcoming photos... 

Kindred Spirit Gal Pal Friends Laurie and Suzanne visit
Antique-Vintage shopping
Victoria Trading Company shopping
Arts & Craft day in my wee studio
Scrumptious food
Kansas City West Bottoms First Weekend Vintage Stores (22+ shops)
Karla & Beth's Romantic Gothic Ghost art event
More Kindred Spirit Friends
More scrumptious food 
Nine adorable Yorkie puppies and their sweet mama Twinkle

That was a lot to pack in four days, but I am grateful
for every moment of it!

I really hope to resolve my photo space issue soon,
so please keeping check back with me... Thank you! 

Hugs ~ Tami   

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