Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The blog 'photo full' flag I received must have been
a fluke as I can now post photos - hopefully it will not return.  

Early October, Laurie & Suzanne came to visit me.
Here they are arriving at the airport.  

As soon as we left the airport we were determined to
squeeze as much as we could into their four day visit.

 Immediately after their arrival, we were off &
shopping at  The Rusty Chandelier

 Our Haunting Welcome

Amazing handmade crowns!

 A picture of Friendship!

The next morning we spent a couple of hours in my studio
creating Gothic Ghost banners.
 (photo courtesy of Laurie)

Suzanne working on her banner 

Laurie with her finished banner 

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 I did not finish my banner as I seem to talk too much.

Our next adventure was to shop the Mission Road Antique Mall and eat lunch at the Bloomsbury Bistro located in the mall.

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 This is my favorite place for lunch!
Their toasted carrot cake is the best ever!

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 Shopping at Beth's booth.  
Beth always has the coolest treasures at great prices!

We fulfilled Suzanne's dream to shop the brick and mortar store
of Victoria Trading Co.  
(photo courtesy of Laurie)  

Later that evening Suzanne surprise us
with darling Ballerina socks and tiaras
(Suzanne, Tami, Laurie)

 It's been a long time since I've done a plie.

Two days down, two days left to share of our amazing visit.
 I will soon post about our adventures at the
Kansas City First Weekend West Bottoms vintage stores
(be sure and watch the West Bottoms video on this link!)
and Karla's Romantic Gothic Ghost event. 
 till then... 
Hugs ~ Tami

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Testing... Blog Photo Space

Thanks for your patience and checking back with my blog!

I'm still messing around with my blog photo space,
but for now here are a couple of recent photos  



Notice our mini witch hats... so cute!
We created them & wore them to
Karla's Romantic Gothic Ghosts event, 2

I hope to be back soon with more photos & events to share.

Take care my friends - Hugs, Tami

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still No Photos, But What Is To Come...

Still resolving my photo space issue.
Till then, here are the threads of my upcoming photos... 

Kindred Spirit Gal Pal Friends Laurie and Suzanne visit
Antique-Vintage shopping
Victoria Trading Company shopping
Arts & Craft day in my wee studio
Scrumptious food
Kansas City West Bottoms First Weekend Vintage Stores (22+ shops)
Karla & Beth's Romantic Gothic Ghost art event
More Kindred Spirit Friends
More scrumptious food 
Nine adorable Yorkie puppies and their sweet mama Twinkle

That was a lot to pack in four days, but I am grateful
for every moment of it!

I really hope to resolve my photo space issue soon,
so please keeping check back with me... Thank you! 

Hugs ~ Tami   

Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Space Full

When uploading my last blog photo, I received a notice
stating my free Google blog photo space is full.  

I did not reduce my images to Web large before uploading them.
I now understand this can make a huge difference on
your free photo space. 

Please be patient with me as my blog post may be few and far between till I figure out what my plans are...resize my blog photos or pay for more space, hum??? 

Please keep me on your Follow List as I hope to resolve this soon... Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Swap

I was honored to be included in Laurie's
Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book swap.

This swap proved to be a challenge for me as I had never done a fabric page before.  Even though my page did not turn out as I had envisioned it, I learned a lot.

Here are my eight swap pages, front and back

Each swapper sent their eight finished pages to Laurie.
Laurie then bounded our pages with a front & back cover
 she created.

The highly anticipated arrival of our swap 
Laurie M. Jackson - Dream Maker, front cover

Laurie M. Jackson - My Friend..., inside front cover.  

Terry Wilkerson front page 

Terry Wilkerson - back page 

Lisa Stanton - front page

Lisa Stanton - back page

Tamatha Kaplan - Holly's Crazy Apartment,
front page

Tamatha KaplanShopping with Audrey,
back page

Suzanne Wingfield - front page 

Suzanne Wingfield - back page

Laurie M. Jackson - Little Pink Dress,
front page

Laurie M. Jackson - The Mind Reels,
back page

Linda McMillin - front page

Linda McMillin - Breakfast at Tiffany's Remembered,
back page

Tami Hacker (me) - front page

Tami Hacker (me) - back page

Laurie M. Jackson - Moon River and Me,
inside back cover page

Laurie M. Jackson - Salute to Audrey,
outside back cover page

Lots of Tiffany blue, white & black satin ribbons, lace, jewels, trim, cat, lyrics, but mostly amazing, creative talent! 

What a gorgeous fabric book we created.  Big, big heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my fellow swappers on this project!

This shared project was time consuming & sometimes frustrating, but ultimately it became a beautiful collaborated piece of art!  
We'd love to hear your comments on our fabric book.

Hugs to you ~ Tami