Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pre-Birdsong 4 Shopping

My Birdsong 4 weekend started off with friends Suzanne & Cheryl (the Colorado girls) arriving June 5 for afternoon shopping at the Mission Road Antique Mall 

Shopping at Beth's booth...Beth has BEST treasures!

This booth offers designer & vintage fabric swatches.
I have drawers full of swatches from this booth!
After some girlfriend time shopping, eating and sharing hugs & stories, we called it a night.
A good night's sleep was needed, so we would be fully energized for Friday's shopping at the 
Kansas City's West Bottoms vintage shops.  
We arrived about 8:45 am to the West Bottom shops.

Our sign for the day...smile.

 Not only were we on a treasure hunt, but we were excited to run into other Birdsong Peeps!

Vintage June brides everywhere

I like this idea of a vintage tart tin for a base!

 Do you miss Disco?

A view looking east in the West Bottoms area.


 Yummy French ribbons!

Did a lot of this today!
Enough for now.
 Our next adventure will be Angie's birthday party and Day 1 of Birdsong 4.
 See you back here soon. 

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  1. You got some fantastic pictures, Tami! Can't wait to see the rest of your posts! :)