Monday, June 23, 2014

Enjoy a Swap Journey with Me of Birdsong 2014

Please get comfy with a cup of coffee maybe even a glass of wine as this is a really long post.
One of my favorite parts of Birdsong is sharing creative swaps with fellow Peeps!

This year we had three swaps, a creative banner of BIRDSONG or FLY AWAY, an altered avian/garden Altoid tin and an altered bottle.  I signed up for all three swaps.

Here are my creations...

My BIRDSONG banner swap partner was Terri Wilkerson 
Terri & I chose our banner to spell out BIRDSONG

Terri had mentioned she'd be happy with a shorter word like SING, so on the reverse side of Birdsong I created a second banner of SING.  I used vintage & new tidbits of paper, lace, fabric, jewels, buttons, ribbons, trims, decoupaged napkins, feathers, acorns, millinery flowers & more.

I was thrilled Terri Wilkerson and I were partnered.  We share similar styles and I knew I'd love anything she would create!  I am looking for a photo that someone else took of me when I received her banner - can't find it.  I sooooo LOVE her banner and I will share it as soon as I get a photo. 

My altered avian/garden themed Altoid tin was to swap recipient Linda Postman.  Linda does not currently have a blog, but if she ever does, I know I will be a follower!   
Here's the tin I made for Linda
Linda LOVES bright, bold beautiful colors. I felt these colors were perfect for her.
The center gift box I created with vintage paper & handmade ruching to house her tin.

My last swap was an altered bottle swap.  This was my very first time to create an altered bottle.
I may be hooked on them!

This swap was not partnered, but was a number draw.  I hardly ever keep anything I create, but my hubby & I both really liked my bottle.  We chuckled maybe fate would bring it back home with me. 

Everyone of the altered bottles were beautifully created and to have any one of them would have been a blessing, but as it was, I was given the matching number to my bottle.  I'm not sure if it was fate or not, but I was delighted to keep my own bottle and bring it back home with me.

I still need to take photos of the incredible banner and altered tin I received.  Once I do, I will get them posted as I you will want to see them - they are beautifully amazing!

Until then, here are some photos showing the various swaps that were exchanged. 
I apologize if you were a swapper and your creation is not shown here.
Some of my photos were too blurry for use. 

Banner Swaps


Altered Avian/Garden Altoid Tin Swap

Altered Bottle Swaps


Well that's it for now.
I'll be working on snapping some photos of the incredible banner and altered tin I received, so please check back to peek at them.  
Thanks for getting comfy and sharing the journey through our creative swaps.
 Hugs, Tami


  1. I LOVE the banner you made for me! It's truly amazing. I totally do not blame you for wanting to keep your own bottle as it's amazing, too, and the tin you made for Linda is perfect for her!

    Thank you for sharing your photos!

  2. Ive wanted to go to Birdsong for many moons and it has never timed out. I STILL want to -- and these beautiful photos (and your lovely work) only makes we want to go more!