Saturday, July 12, 2014

Belle's One Year Anniversary & 2nd Birthday

Today marks our one year anniversary of when we rescued Belle.

Belle getting ready to come home with us

Belle had just turned 1 year old when we adopted her.
Here she is after arriving home with us - taking a break from running and playing ball

Belle age 13 months
We found out she is a power chewer.  This rope toy only lasted a short time.   

Age 14 months
She loves to be a lap dog - all 76 pounds of her!
(she is now 80 lbs.)

Age 14 months
One of her favorite spots

Age 15 months
Belle lounging with Cody

Age 17 months
Napping with Jordan

19 months

20 months
(I love this photo toned in sepia)

20 months

23 months
Hanging out with Jordan & Cody

Happy 2nd Birthday Belle!

On our way to the dog park Belle got an eye injury.  She was so excited to get into the car she did not wait for the tailgate to fully open.  She received a small cut by her right eye and it swelled.  It did not stop her from enjoying her trip to Heritage dog park. 

Above photo of Belle after she enjoyed her Birthday...

It had been four years since our beloved Lady had passed away.  It is a hard decision whether to get another pet.  The time came we knew we were ready to adopt and rescue another dog.
In truth a pet rescues us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Belle!
Happy 1st Anniversary Belle!


  1. Tried to post before but not sure it worked so please scrap one if it comes through twice!
    Belle is beautiful, and bless you for giving her a wonderful life! Her expressions and the way she sits on the sofa remind me of our rescue, Jake.

  2. Belle is beautiful
    There id nothing like the love of a dog, I miss my little pugs so much ,now I have a sweet male cat

    Labs are fabulous sweet smart dogs