Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Amazing Swaps and Beth's Apron!

It's hard to believe Birdsong 4 ended nearly a month ago.
We eagerly anticipated its arrival and then all too soon it was over... that is until next year!

The Birdsong swaps are always amazing!  Here are the GORGEOUS swaps I received...

My BIRDSONG banner swap from Terri
I totally love & adore my banner!
I hung it directly over my work table in my studio where it inspires me daily.
Its serene colors and design speak peace & calmness to me.  
Thank you Terri!

Gail gifted me with her BEAUTIFULLY altered Altoid tin

filled with lovelies including this necklace she made

For my birthday she also tucked in this gorgeous altered mini Altoid tin she created into
a locket necklace  
Thank you Gail for all my beauties - I cherish them!
The last day of Birdsong the coveted door prize of Beth's apron was announced... Karla pulled the name from the drawing, walked silently over to our side of the room, came slowly down the aisle towards me.  I thought to myself how lucky for Heather or Nora as one of them must be the winner.  As Karla got near to me she gave me 'the look' and I screamed did I win it?  Yes I had!

My heart immediately filled with joy, tears welled in my eyes as you see I also won Beth's apron from last year too.  Not to be greedy, but I am sure hoping I win the 2015 apron as it will give me three of her aprons and as we know, three = a collection!  



  Beth, thank you for your beautiful apron donation!
I am thrilled to have two thus far in my collection!


  1. One way or another, I think I'm going to have to make sure you get a third apron, because it might as well be a collection! So glad you won it!

    1. Thanks Beth...If I do by fate, win your 3rd apron, I will explode with joy & thankfulness!

  2. Lucky woman! Beth's aprons are the stuff of legends. And those tins from Gail are awesome. I didn't get to see the apron or your tins up close at Birdsong so I'm happy to see this post.

    I know I owe you photos but I'm in computer hell right now. I promise I'll get them to you soon.

    1. Yikes, sorry you are in computer hell. Hope it gets resolved soon!

      I am lucky to have received Beth’s 2nd apron as well as your lovely banner & Gail’s beautiful tins & necklaces! I feel like I hit the jackpot!

      Hugs, Tami

  3. What a fun time birdsong sounds like. I love seeing Karla's posts all about it. Congrats on the 2x win - lucky girl.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I would still be screaming if I had Won LOL
    what a fun time , some day I hope to join in a fun group like bird Song I always read up on all the activities