Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update on BLING IT ON - Altered mini Altoid tin Necklace

Just to let you know I am waiting for photos of the other altered mini Altoid tin necklaces from our BLING IT ON swap.  Once I receive them, I will share them with you.  I have received a couple and they are WONDERFUL!

Till then, here's the necklace again that I created
I thought I'd highlight this feature of my necklace as I was tickled when
I found it hidden in my junk drawer

I was in primary school in the sixties.  How many of you recall using Prang watercolors for school?
Do you remember the older sets came in metal tins with pop-out trays that held the paint?
Well, that is what the oval tin is in the photo above holding the HOPE bird image.

I picked up a handful of these vintage metal Prang watercolor trays with their beautifully aged patina from an estate sale.  I tossed them in one of my odds-n-ends junk goodie drawers.  I knew some day they'd make a great frame.  

The bird image is an image off of an old greeting card, I reduced its size and added HOPE.  I lightly Mod Podged it to the tray and then added thin layers of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly between applications.  I added the sparkly vintage rhinestone on the last two layers of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, adding just enough on these two layers to hold the rhinestone in-place, but not cover it.

My husband often wonders why I bring home the odd items that I do.  Well, because, someday those odd items find wonderful new homes.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I looked at that photo for the longest time trying to figure out what that lovely little oval frame actually was. Brilliant! I just love it when a stash treasure finds its perfect new life.

    1. Me too! I recently found another wonderful odd piece for a frame or some sort. I am blog posting again this morning and this piece is shown in a photo. It is a small top cover to a lovely aged-patina Celluloid box. It is only the lid, sort of a scallop-shape. I thought it would be a beautiful frame for something…someday.

  2. tami
    i really love how you used that little paint oval.. i actually thought it was a little stoneware piece..
    great job.. and i love how the whole thing came together... youre a talented one for sure..
    thanks so much for sharing
    big hugs

    1. Lynn you are so sweet, thanks for your comment! Miss hearing from you!