Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas 2014 Matchbox Swap

Lynne Legge and I did a one-on-one Christmas 2014 
altered matchbox swap.
Please enjoy the beautiful box Lynne created for me

Double drawers - one filled with goodies and the other a darling handmade clay snowman diorama

Here is my matchbox to Lynn

The box was a little tricky to open as you did not want to smash the trees while holding it.  The inside box slid out smoothly on its base and was filled with Christmassy treasures. 


  1. They are all adorable and very artsy fartsy

  2. I'd say you two were well matched in that swap and both gave and received wonderful boxes. Matchboxes are such fun to do.

  3. Lovely boxes from 2 of my favorite matchbox swappers!