Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home Remodeling Done?

Could it be?  Are we done?  Maybe?  Probably not...
Finally after months of ceiling & wall sheet rock repairs and fresh paint due to foundation issues, 5 rooms/hallways are done.  

Drum roll please....


Clean & fresh looking - open furniture flow -
 simple & uncluttered... at least for now...
Smile or tremble as Larry might feel at that thought.

Anyway working with existing furnishings, it does look different than what it did just a few months ago
We tried switching the function & furniture around between our living & dining rooms, but due to room or furniture sizes, we are limited on what fits where.

BTW, see the buffet in the center of the back wall?  You can see it needs repair & painting.  Please share you comments on how you think I should redo it this buffet.  Thanks!

Thank you for coming along our home redo journey!

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  1. Very pretty, Tami! Congrats! You did a ton of work! It still needs your touch of some art on the walls.... add a throw to the gold chair, cover your pillows, shabby chic your buffet and move/hang the mirror over it-- (yeah, Larry will love that idea, NOT) LOL! The white glass is all very pretty, but I suggest that you group them together and fill with some sparkle, as they get lost/disappear against the white walls; & put a pretty white lacy runner on your coffee table a la Karla... and add some flowers! Enjoy! Can't wait to see it! ;-)

    1. Hi Lee! Thanks for your great comments... reluctant yet to nail-hole the walls with art as the thought of it gives me an odd feeling it violates Larry's hard work... I know I'm weird. I definitely want to do something soon with the buffet, shabby-frenchy-chic seems to be calling my name... who knows? See you soon, Tami

    2. Thank you for all of the great pictures and comments on how you did your remodeling I think it looks fantastic and makes me want to jump in and get started on mine! I am curious to find out how you got your inspirations to do what you did and if certain rooms should look a certain way?

  2. Lovely! Congrats on all you accomplished. Home repairs/redos are a pain, but it's SO nice when the work is complete. Great job!

    1. Thank you! Still feel there should be some wall art, but I’m sort of liking the uncluttered walls. I don’t dare nail-hole the walls unless I am for sure – Larry put way too much heart & soul in to those repairs. Enjoy your weekend, Tami

  3. Oh I love your "streamlined" look, and that bright white!

  4. The photos do show the walls as 'bright' white. I believe the wall paint shows whiter in the photos and during certain times of the day depending on the incoming light from the bay of windows. The wall paint color is Vintage White Lace by Glidden Home & Garden.