Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vintage Buttons, Pulls & More

How many of us remember we should have taken photos and written a post on our found treasures shortly after they're all tucked away?  
Well, that's usually me, but this time I did snap a few photos before I tucked them away. 

On Friday I spent the day with my dear friend Tara.  We went to Lawrence, KS to hang out.  The boutiques were fun, but their current inventory wasn't speaking to our hearts.  

Unfortunately the morning rain kept the garage sales from opening.  We gave it a good try and spent the day walking, shopping, talking, eating and enjoying our friendship together in downtown Lawrence. 

On my way home I stopped by a small antique store and was pleased they were open late.  These delightful treasures found their way home with me.

Which is your favorite...the vintage, Swedish tins?  Green wall shelf with pink glass knobs?  Child's slip?  Embossed paperboard Cameo glove box?  Small creamy white wooden stool?  Pearl button cards or maybe those pink-dyes pearl buttons?  Could it be the brass pulls or the over-sized bear postcard?

I love them all... heart smiles.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. I luv the childs slip. if that is one? it looks like one and i luv it. the pink mop buttons are yummy

  2. Hey, next time you are in Lawrence, give me a call!!!

  3. Oh, I think I love the embossed box (what IS it about boxes?) and the green shelf most of all! But it's all wonderful! What a fun day!