Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 1

Hello Friends,

As you know I was away last week on my Girls Rule vacation in Colorado - no alarm clocks, time clocks or responsibilities... just treasure hunting, creating art, good food - wine - margaritas and some of the best GIRLFRIEND time!

My dear friend Laurie picked me up at the Denver airport and
we were off...

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the Fine Art Plaza outside the
Denver Art Museum 

Followed by time at the interactive Fashion Studio

Don't you think we had the most fun there?

Our grand finale at the museum was
Yves Saint Laurent - The Retrospective 

 Cameras were not allowed nor was touching the fashions even though they were in fingertip reach.

The Retrospective included the classic YSL fashions as well as his runway Art fashions.   

This exhibit only appeared in Paris, Milan and Denver -
what an experience! 

Later tucked under our umbrellas we enjoyed the
Cherry Creek Art Fair

The next morning we went to the 
Paris St. Flea Market

 My new friend Tonto
(I want another Great Dane!)

We shopped till our feet hurt and
survived the heat & humidity!

Traveling on to Littleton for lunch at the french bistro JaJa's

 and more treasure hunting

 We welcomed the two hour drive to Laurie's -
sit, relax & be cool.

 Laurie's guest room welcomed me with comfy pillows, quilts, creative art journals and books.
I felt so at home and honored to be their guest.  

 Look at this close up of the fabric lampshade Laurie made
So beautiful!

Ben (Laurie's son) was home from Scout camp to regroup and
return the next day for another week of CIT camp.
It was a pleasure to meet Ben!
He is a respectful, engaging and handsome young man.

I have swooned over Laurie's fabric books.
Here we are as Laurie teaches me my first lesson on fabric books

 My fabric book is a work in progress
Well that's enough for tonight.  
I'll post more later.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams ~ Tami

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