Sunday, July 22, 2012

When You Don't Recognize Yourself

I was reluctant to list my last two post showing pictures of me on my recent vacation.  Why you might ask?  I hardly recognize myself in those photos.  They say cameras add 10 lbs. or more weight your image... well, it certainly did to me.

I've been dealing with an autoimmune condition the past several months and living on steroids.  As you know steroids can cause an insatiable appetite.  My doctor said just drink more water and eat celery sticks... is that with or without cream cheese & peanut butter, ha!

While I fight the steroid hunger and weight gain, I am thankful they do help with my fatigue and other autoimmune symptoms.  

I am not sharing this with you because of vanity or health concerns, it just got me thinking that most blogs share only the best of life.  Truth is, life has its ups and downs, sometimes we have struggles.  Sometimes it's merely an off day and sometimes it can be
life changing.

Do you ever have a moment when you don't recognize yourself? 

Now a far as my vacation, how could I not share those photos with you... it was amazing and so much fun!

Hugs, Tami

"Delight in the day, it is a gift"



  1. All I see in the photos is a woman having fun and sharing her big, beautiful smile with grateful friends!

  2. Thanks Laurie, I agree. Just being a bit real... whew, got over it quickly. Smile. Just made me think that others may have those moments too. I think it is OK to sometimes share our realness. My vacation was AMAZING and am I so GRATEFUL for my AWESOME photos are real... full of smiles, laughter and blessed friendships.
    Big Hugs, Tami