Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 2

I really meant to post Part 2 by now, but routine life has replaced my carefree days of summer vacation.  I'm back to the daily structure of time clocks and responsibilities.  

In an odd way, that daily structure is what makes our
vacation days so precious and meaningful.

OK enough philosophy...
What I Did For My Summer Vacation - Part 2

On Sunday, Rebecca joined Laurie & me for the
Colorado Springs outdoor flea market and lunch
See the sewing artwork on the building in the background?  No one knew what it was about.  You know me and buttons, I am curious what it is.  I hope Laurie can find out.

Sunrise to Sunset we spent a wonderful day together followed by dinner and margaritas at Laurie's home

On Monday, Gal Pal Suzanne drove 3.5 hours to join us antiquing and to spend the night 

 Don't you think Laurie should have bought that hat -
she looks great in it!

I'm just saying it might be a wee bit small for me

Sneaking this photo in from an different day, but I had to show this darling slip... it was too small for me too :-(

Another wonderful day with

Kindred Friendships! 

Tuesday was Summer Song!
An incredible day with six amazing women, laughing, sharing life, enjoying good food & wine and creating art together.   

My canvas art

More later.... till then
Hugs, Tami


  1. It's so fun to see all of your wonderful canvases!!

  2. Laurie just told me to get over here and take a look at your canvases and I am so glad I did....Just beautiful....Adore the simplicity of the pink and white ballerina one...