Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girl Time Rules!

Girl Time Rules!

I'll soon be visiting dear friends Laurie, Suzanne & Rebecca, my Bird Song Peeps for some Girl Time & artsy craft time in Colorado.

I love these Girl Time Getaways... good for the
kindred spirit souls in us!

Sadly I'll be visiting Colorado on the heels of the recent tragic fires that devoured more than 18,000 acres and changes some lives forever.

My childhood memories of summer family vacations recall my mother's favorite place was Colorado.  We had a vintage black & white Dreamer camper that my Dad attached to a cut-down vintage black Cadillac hearse.  It made a statement and wherever we traveled, people stared or asked questions about our unique mode of transportation.

We stayed in some of the most beautiful off-the-road places
as our traveling home was all we needed.

Even the year we drove to Florida, down the east coast, around the tip, up through the Gulf and headed home from Louisiana to Kansas City, we rerouted home via
Colorado for my mom.

In my late teens/early twenties I love to backpack camp
alone or with friends.

Here is my last camping adventure in 1982
at Bierstadt Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park,
Estes Park, CO.

Life interrupted those days of youth and now years later those days of hiking up
mountains are long gone
but, I have fond memories.

It will be startling to see the devastion from the recent fires. 

Beyond Colorado's natural beauty, I joyfully anticipate my Girl Time Rules vacation... my soul awaits the beautiful kindred spirits of  these gal pals!  

This will be my first time visiting & staying with Laurie at her home.  She is such a sweetie!  I know she will treat me like royalty... can't wait to share some heavy duty
friendship time with her!

Laurie & I met in 2010 at Karla's Cottage Bird Song I event
and have become great friends!

If you drop by and nothing has changed recently on my blog it's because I am away & playing in Colorado.

Be sure to stop back later as I will have oodles of photos and stories to share.

Till then take care & find the wonderful in each day ~ Tami


  1. how awesome that you get to travel to see ur fav people....i miss girl time big time....i haven't met any crafty ladies yet that are really close...hope u have a fab time...
    kids and i are staying cool much torture getting them out...hugs

  2. Have a wonderful time!!! How long will you be gone? I am ready to ship out your "cake" to you!!


  3. I'm all ready for you! Just one more sleep!