Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kansas City's West Bottoms Vintage Shopping

Last Saturday Julie and I spent the day shopping at Kansas City's West Bottom Vintage shops.
On our drive there we hit a fantastic garage sale just a few blocks from my home and managed to fill up the car.  
No surprise I fell in love with two chairs soon after arriving at the West Bottoms, but my car was already full.  So, we shopped the north-side shops, went home, had lunch, let Belle enjoy some time outside in the backyard, emptied my car and headed back to pick up those two chairs I fell in love with... I'll post those chairs another day.

Of course we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping the south-side shops.
All the shops were decked out for the upcoming Holidays -maybe not as much as last year, but they definitely had some wonderful displays. 


I believe on the 4th floor of Bottoms Up is a booth offering incredible vintage doors

It was a beautiful and fun day with my gal pal Julie! 


  1. I just happened along to your blog via a click and another click and so on. I am now following and will be back to explore more, but the laundry room is calling.

    1. I have been a follower of Art and Sand… delighted you clicked onto my blog today – hope you stop by often.

  2. I have wanted to go to the Bottoms uP place however figured it was pricey so never have gone
    I live in Columbia Mo

    1. Bottoms Up can be expensive, but it has several vendors and the prices vary. There are 20+ shops now in the entire West Bottoms Vintage warehouse stores. A variety of styles and prices. Not sure with the Winter weather approaching, but usually there are street food vendors and some of the shops offer sandwich cafes. It is definitely worth at least one trip to see if you like going back again  Let me know if you ever come up to it!