Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Moments

 Sharing a few precious moments of my Thanksgiving holiday
Sweet gifts from my dear friend Suzanne... thanks Suzanne for honoring me with your precious 
handmade pumpkins and the castle button along with its history...they are perfect gifts for me.  
I adore them and YOU!

I've been missing my dear friend and sister - today we spent a few hours together...
miss you & love you Dee!

As many of you know, Belle joined our family in July which made this her first Thanksgiving with us.  We've been working on her "social manners".   She had perfect manners on Thanksgiving and was welcomed by our side all day.

Belle did something so amazing, I wished I had a picture to share with this story, but I do not.  We gathered hand-in-hand, in a circle to share our Thanksgiving meal prayer.  Belle chose to stand by my sister during prayer.  I was saying prayers and heard others snickering, I could tell Miss Belle was doing something, but I kept my head bowed and finished the prayer.  It was then I learned Belle sit between my sister and her husband, reached up with both her front paws, placing a paw on each of their hands, holding their hands in our circle until the prayer was over.  Priceless!

I've tried to upload the video of Belle enjoying her first Thanksgiving meal with us, but Blogger seems to having a loading problem with it.

Miss Belle shortly after enjoying her Thanksgiving meal

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  1. Happy thanksgiving, Tami! I'm glad to were able to spend it with your sister. Belle is growing to be quite the character. :-) What a sweet puppy she is.