Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beth's Journal Quilt Link

Here is an excerpt from my recent post  Craft Day with Friends
regarding Beth and her Journal Quilt
"Beth working on her own project of 'pinnies'.  I love her work, always beautiful!  

Darn, I totally overlooked snapping a photo of another textile piece Beth brought with her.  She is combining swatches of vintage textiles together with stitchery/embroidery.  She had us each sign this piece and date it.  I can hardly wait to see its finale!  

I signed my name & date and wrote Blessings and Joy... just what this day of friendship brought us."

This textile piece of combining swatches of vintage textiles with stitchery/embroidery, Beth has so aptly called her Journal Quilt.  Please click here to view more about Beth's beautiful Journal Quilt.   
* * * BEAUTIFUL art and memories * * * 

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