Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Vintage Connections Creative No Harm Button Swap Debut

It has been difficult not to share our swap photos sooner, but I did not want to ruin the surprise by posting photos before swappers had time to receive their swap.

As you will see there is a wide range of creative ideas and I think each & everyone is amazing!

Linda Kelly & Laurie Jackson swap partners -

  Wall art collage by Linda Kelly

Framed art tags suspended on wire by Laurie Jackson

Tami Hacker & Gwen Niemisto swap partners -

  Wall art collage by Tami Hacker

   Wall art collage by Gwen Niemisto

Tami Hacker & Frederica Braidfoot swap partners - 

Wall art collage by Tami Hacker

Crocheted chain with Yo Yo material & rhinestone button necklace by Frederica Braidfoot

Pam Kenney & Hope Ellington swap partners -

Christmas wall art collage by Pam Kenney

Vintage ledger paper & button collage by Hope Ellington

Joni Reinhart & Becs Swartzlander swap partners -

Crow and pumpkin with Autumn leaves & buttons by Joni Reinhart

Pocket pillow with buttons and goodies by Becs Swartzlander

Marsha Cassada & Terri Wilkerson swap partners -

Lamp by Marsha Cassada

Fabric book by Terri Wilkerson

Marilyn Welling & Marilee McKelvey swap partners - 

Quilted pillow & buttons by Marilyn Welling

Collage Box by Marilee McKelvey

Such amazing talent!  

Thanks swappers for participating in this swap!  Your comments have been so kind!  
Some of us were already friends and some of us are new friends - I hope this swap has blessed your lives with lovely art and lovely friendships!  


  1. Hi Tami. This was an amazing swap! I am so glad I was able to join in. I am really loving my new found interest in buttons and hope meet and swap with even more wondeful people. And what beautiful and creative ideas from everyone. Becs

  2. Thanks so much for posting the photos. This was so much fun. I loved the challenge and also making a new friend! Planning another swap? I'm in!

  3. These just took my breath away -- every single one! I just love the variety and the artistry, and how everyone chose the most beautiful old buttons to share with one another! I was so charmed by the little crow button on the pumpkin! And Becs' pillow -- swoon! And Terri's book -- swoon again! Thank you so much for doing this fun swap! I can't wait for the next one!

  4. This was such a fun swap and really stretched my imagination. Thanks so much for hosting. All the swaps were thoughtful and very creative.