Saturday, October 1, 2011

Remembering England & France 2010 - Day 2

 Tara & Tami's 2010 European Vacation 
Day Two

It was another beautiful morning in the city of Paris.  The weather was perfect for being outdoors  - it was cool enough for light weight jackets, a bit overcast and perfect for walking.... lots & lots of walking.

When Tara & I bought our airline tickets we did not know our vacation dates would also correspond with several events in both Paris & London.  

We just happened to be in Paris this Sunday when their FIBULE (button show) was being held.  Tara & I determined our route to FIBULE and were off to visit our first Parisian button show!

The FIBULE members were delighted as there happened to be nine Americans visiting.  

(missing one American in the photo)

FIBULE is far different than the USA National Button Society Shows.  At FIBULE they do not hold button competition or offer educational workshops.  It is a small group of members from various European countries that come together to visit, sale buttons and some just to share their beautiful display of buttons.

Neither Tara nor I speak French or Italian; however, we managed to purchase several wonderful buttons and buckles.  We felt very welcomed at FIBULE.

A joy for me was to finally meet a friend that I only knew via email correspondence until FIBULE... Matthew Brown.  It is so great when you finally meet someone and that kindred spirit connection is really there... Cheers Matthew!  

We stayed at FIBULE for a couple of hours and were off to sight see Paris. 

Here are a few afternoon and evening photos of Day Two...

Tami at the Louvre

 Tara at the Louvre

 L'arc de triopmhe le cassouel

 Tami in front of the
L'arc de triopmhe le cassouel
 Tami at the Tuileries Garden

 Tara at the Tuileries Garden

 Looking down the Tuileries Garden towards the Arc de Triopmhe in the far distance

The reflecting pool in the Tuileries Garden
 Cattail lamps on the Pont Alexander III Bridge

 Tami on the Pont Alexander III bridge with the Eiffel Tower

Gorgeous lamp on the Pont Alexander III Bridge

The EIFFEL TOWER during a light show

Eiffel Tower

Tami and Tara after a long day enjoying dinner & wine at the Indiana Cafe.  

Au revoir till tomorrow Day 3.

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