Saturday, October 8, 2011

Laurie's sweet thank you gift... you gotta see this!

Not that it is ever necessary or expected, but you gotta love a 'thank you' gift especially when it is as sweet as the gift Laurie sent me!

She layered various fabrics and sewed them to create a cuff bracelet and adorned it with lace ties and buttons.... C U T E !

I tried wrapping the lace around the buttons on the edge like an inter-office envelope, but that did not hold.  Then I attempted to wrap the lace around my wrist & tie it, but the strips of lace were not long enough to reach.

I was so embarrassed to ask, but I had to ask Laurie how to wear it.  Her reply was to 'tie' the lace around each of the edge buttons.  How silly of me not to realize that I could tie them.

(Too bad there is a pile of shirts in the background of this photo - cleaning out closets)

Laurie you are a sweetheart - thank you so much for my darling cuff!


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  1. Oh look, how cute!! I really hope you enjoy it -- just a little bit of fun! I'm not worried about the pile of shirts - instead I'm enjoying the framed buttons and your Bird Song wall hanging behind you! Are you losing weight?