Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you Linda!

I have always admired my friend Linda Kelly's Glue Books.  Recently Linda created a glue book just for me.  It is too wonderful to keep all to myself, so I am sharing it with you

     Front cover

  I love the saying on the left page "Write injuries in dust; kindness in marble"
The elephant is in memory of my mother
The hand-written recipe is from Linda's grandmother

The hand-written note of prayer on the left page is also from her grandmother
She knows I rely on God for my strength
We both love kitties

On the left page are description tags on how Linda sees me... I am honored!
The little girl, dress & well are too cute for words
Notice how Linda on the right page and other pages in the book has circled specific words that are meaningful
I just adore the singing birds with my initials 'th'

We both love black & white
 And of course, we both love our Button collections - we met through buttons and are forever friends!

Oh, Oh! A Bunny
The Easter basket represents years ago when Linda surprised me with a Easter Egg hunt hidden in my yard

Both pages are precious - the hand-colored children at Mollie's Lawn Party Two-Step... and the sweet vintage hankie trim page
You'll notice a lot of Frenchy things as I am a Frenchy girl

All the images, text, poetry, colors, etc. in this book mean something to me or Linda... Linda admires Abraham Lincoln.  Her tag here is a reminder... "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."  Abraham Lincoln

We both collect star buttons - notice the star paper on the left and the star tag on the bottom right page
William Henry Channing's My Symphony - how wonderful it is!

It is a blessing when a friend gives you a gift like this!
Thank you my Apple Tree friend, I love my glue book!

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  1. WOW! What an amazing gift from a lovely friend, and no one more deserving than you! xo!