Monday, October 10, 2011

Show-n-tell... Beads, Buckles, Buttons & Dress trim from my 2010 European vacation

Recently I blogged & reminisced about my 2010 trip to England & France.  
Here are a few of the beads, buckles, buttons and dress trim that came home with me from England & France...

 Overview of buckles, buttons & dress trim from France

Closer view of the buckles, buttons & dress trim from France

Overview of buttons from England

Closer view of buttons from England

(The top three rows of stenciled pottery buttons were purchased from the Victoria & Albert museum gift shop.  Their images are from textiles that are on display at the museum)

Left: China beads, Right: China buttons
These are what I dug from the china dump in Briare, France

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  1. Very cool finds! Love the post about the buttons and beads that you dug up in France.

  2. Lovely! What wonderful memories they represent!