Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Bird Song Swaps - Greeting Cards & Art Tags

I also enjoyed participating in the greeting card and art tag swaps at Bird Song 2013.

Bird Song 2013 Greeting Card Swap
Hosted by Barb Buckton

This is my card creation
Tami Hacker

 Oops, I missed the email to increase our swap from 5 cards to 7 cards.  I only created 5 cards, so here are the 5 cards I received

Lynn Conley

Barb Buckton

Suzanne Wingfield

Lee Wehner

Bird Song 2013 Art Tag Swap
Hosted by Stephanie Oyler

Swap Host tag by Stephanie, front

Swap Host tag by Stephanie, back

Lee Wehner, front

Lee Wehner, back

Lisa Stanton, front

Lisa Stanton, back

Lynn Conley, front

Lynn Conley, back

Linda McMillian, front

Linda McMillin, back

Terri Neibaur, front

Terri Neibaur, back

 Grace St. Clair, front

Grace St. Clair, back

Terri Wilkerson, front

 Terri Wilkerson, back

This is my art tag 

Thanks for browsing through our Bird Song 2013 swaps with me.  

Each swap was fun & amazing!!

Upcoming post: Four Bird Song projects... please check back to see what we created.
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  1. Hi Tami. Love all the tags. And the cards are great too. I am loving all the posts from you girls. I was able to purchase kits from Karla so it is almost as good as being there. Thanks for sharing pics. Becs