Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bird Song Swaps- Rosettes

Mercedes Scott hosted the fabric rosette swap at Bird Song 2013.  As a swap participant, we were to create a fabric rosette brooch and include a vintage bird
pin on it.   
Beautiful Mercedes by the beautifully wrapped rosettes
 Mercedes offered a creative way to exchange the rosettes.  She made a lovely keepsake bird tag with a matching card.  She randomly handed out the cards, the participants then matched their card to the bird tag on the wrapped rosette package.

Here is the bird tag & card I received along with my wrapped rosette swap

The lovely rosette I received was from Lindy.  It was wrapped in two vintage hankies, and included vintage millinery as well as a Victorian era reverse carved glass & reverse-painted rose pin

Inside was Lindy's handmade GORGEOUS silk rosette and a sterling silver bird pin with a garnet eye!
I love every thought, every stitch, every little bit of Lindy's heart that she put into her rosette swap! Thank you Lindy!

Here are the other rosettes... every one of them was different and uniquely beautiful

 This cream on cream rosette was my creation.

Lindy & me after I received her amazing rosette

Laurie Jackson was the winner of my rosette swap

Aren't these rosettes amazingly beautiful?

Three more swaps to share...
Four art projects to share...
Please check back for more of Bird Song 2013.



  1. All of the rosettes are gorgeous! You girls really know how to celebrate creativity!

  2. Oh they were so beautiful! And the apron you won is to die for! So glad to have met you!!!