Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tickled Tiffany Blue

I am tickled Tiffany Blue... I am published for my first time in the 2013 Summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery

Available at magazine stands now.

Laurie Jackson invited six friends to join her in a fabric book swap to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's.   

Each artist created a front and back fabric page.  We each made eight of our pages and sent them to Laurie.  Laurie bound our pages with her beautiful front and back covers and we each received a collaborated fabric book to keep.     

Laurie, with our permission, submitted a copy of our Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book to Stampington Publications.  

We received notice earlier this year, three of our fabric book pages would be featured in the Special Book Section of Somerset Studio Gallery.

I am thrilled my page was selected... 
My artwork being published is a dream come true, especially when it was shared with my kindred friends Laurie Jackson and Suzanne Wingfield. 

 Left: Laurie's page; Right: My page  
Suzanne's page

Contributing artists
Too bad the entire book was not published as it is
 magnificent!  Click here is you want to see our complete book.  

I am delighted, honored, filled with joy, Thank you Laurie,
Thank you Stampington!


  1. When I view this post or access it when signed-in to my blog, everything formats correctly; however, others have mentioned when they view it the 2nd sentence is stacking oddly to the left of photo 1.

    Is anyone seeing problems with my 2nd sentence stacking oddly to the left side of photo 1?

    Thank you, Tami

  2. Congrats. The pages are all so beautiful. I agree they have all been published! Becs

  3. How wonderful!! Congratulations, Tami! Your page is beautiful! I'm heading over to the link to see the whole thing now.